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World of Opportunity and Solutions!
Whatever the issue– We have the solution… Free information and services on  a wide range of issues… Health, Finance, More Income, Legal, Real Estate, Family Support, Credit,Bankruptcy etc…  We provide effective, low cost, even free solutions to today’s pressing issues, Plus— a unique business opportunity that allows you to earn from each and every product or service that we provide!
The All Solutions Network   Where Opportunity Always Knocks!
Join Us!– Be Part of The Solution!
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James Blake wrote
Hi Bruce…
Thanks again for everything…My first 45 days in business you have paid me over $500, Plus, Infinity Bonus payments still to come.  AllSolutions Rocks!

There is not now, nor has there EVER been a company quite like ASN.  We Guarantee that this is a true NO INVESTMENTEVER, opportunity–  We will NEVER ask you for money– and we GUARANTEE that if you just follow our simple instructions,YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!
Free Advertising sites for any and all business endeavors.
Have a house to sell? To Rent?  A Rent to Own Home?  Place your ad, complete with picture and descriptionfor free!
Promote your business Or just  take advantage of these great vacations deals yourself

K Boyer,  of Nebraska

Man I am so excited at this moment. I couldn’t hardly believe my eyes when I saw your email that I have earned a Fast Start Bonus
Learn to add 200 points to your credit score, within 45 days.  Clean your Credit, get any loan… Absolutely FREE!
Have a question? on Real Estate? Law? Business? Taxes? Loans?–  Write to the Forum It’s Free.

J. Nagy of Florida

You don’t know how many other companies I have tried before without success. Usually all I did was LOSE money. Now Thanks to your company I finally did it!
BRAND NEW! Selling a car? A motorcycle? Looking for a friend, placing a personal? Misc goods or services?  Place your ad here– for free!
A huge array of incredible technologies that are guaranteed to enhance any business.

S. Camden wrote
Hi Bruce,
I am so excited about my website.  When I first got in I didn’t do anything with it.  Then about a week ago I started reading through the site and what I read “lit a fire” under me.
I started advertising it and doing what you told me to do in the Fast Start Section …..and before I knew it I had 5 stores given away and then there were 11 more that my downline had given away!!!

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G. Prancer writes
I have tried for 2 years to make money on the internet with no success….spent plenty of money trying, but never made any money back.
I am now qualified for 3 different checks from you according to my calculations and now there is a “Bonfire Burning”

Thank you for introducing this site to us!!!

Hundreds of unique items for every occasion, including watches, jewelry, luggage, brassware…

Larry  of Rock Marketing writes…
I want to commend you on a  website that  is the very best  I’ve seen online.  It is CHOCKED FULL of  many opportunities for anyone that is looking for a website that will fit  everyone’s needs.

Free links to all major search engines and directories.
Low Interest No Down Home Loans, even with bad credit, late pays, collections or bankruptcy.  Let us show you how easy it is to buy!
Want a New Career in Finance? No Experience or Lic. Required.
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James Blake Writes..
Bruce…Wanted to thank you
The thought and effort you put into creating this.  The allsolutionsnetwork is amazing!
Allsolutions will make me rich…
You changed my life…bigtime…if you only knew how much.

Valuable estate planning and Low Cost Will Preparation Services.
Income tax strategies that will save you money.
Free Online Creative Financing Course teaches you to buy real estate with no money, no credit, (even bad credit), and even no job.
Learn what it can and can’t do.  It it’s for you, our professionals will help increase your credit score so that you can achieve your credit goals, that no down car loan, home loan, credit cards, etc…
Totally Free Photo Personals.  Place your ad, search, upload Pictures– All Absolutely FREE
If you have the time, why not do it yourself?  We show you how to do exactly what we do.
Stop Garnishments, Foreclosure, etc… Is your credit just not salvageable?  For many situations, bankruptcy may be your best option.  See real life case files of how it helped or hurt others.  If BK is your best option, our professionals can help you start over with a low cost bankruptcy.
You can do it yourself?
Click here for free bankruptcy forms.
Tips on how to have a successful divorce, and low cost nationwide services.
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How to Generate Consistent Business Volume and Income from Your Personal Store.
Please take some time to read the following.  They not only give valuable information regarding getting started but actual letters from other members and their experiences… Testimonials  
Informational Marketing Bookmarks:
You effectively now, have the opportunity to go into any number of businesses– for free.  If you want to learn it all and do it all, it’s a substantial undertaking.  But doing so, is no more necessary for you, than it is for an attorney or doctor to learn about every area of law or medicine.  They pick and choose what they want to specialize in… so do you.
We provide more products, services, associated companies, more profits and more ways to earn than any company in existence.  To provide the opportunity to learn EVERYTHING that you can offer, necessarily involves profiding a lot of information.  But realize, you don’t need to read, know it, or do it all.
Just remember, what you need to know and do is simple.  Follow these steps and you will earn your first check in the next 5 minutes and you will immediately have created a consistent monthly or even weekly residual income.
Remember this simple formula:
  • Claim Your Check
  • Personal Use
    Market Services
  • Build a Downline 
Consistently follow these principles and you will have a substantial residual and checks being paid to your 6 times per month.
Free Marketing Methods
The marketing methods that we give you below are not only comprehensive, but FREE and effective  If you consistently follow the principles provided below, you will need nothing else.  However, many member would rather take advantage of the incredible technology that now exists.  We want to make sure that you have access to the very best tools available.  The tools offered below, are not free.  However, they are affordable and they work!   You can build a remarkably successful business without them, by simply following the free marketing methods that we teach… but having these in your arsenal can help grow your business bigger, quicker.  Remember, we give youi everything you need to build your business for free…   but the newest technologies, certainly can’t hurt! Also, see more incredible marketing tools.

Are You In Business?
You Need This!
The most comprehensive internet training system anywhere!
Get Massive Traffic!
In business? 
Job #1 is Get TRAFFIC!You Can’t Sell…
 What They Don’t See!

Free Internet Video Marketing Course!
Video Training
One on One Support
Niche Software and more…
The very first step to building your business is to begin accumulating points and business volume.  The first steps involve simply claimingyour check and consistent personal use.
1.       Go to claim your check.  Take advantage of ANY free service.  This earns points and locks in your checks.  The more points accumulated, the more you earn.  4 points equals the fast start bonus, 8 the eagle, 15 the group bonuses which earns you from your downline.  The best thing to do is to immediately get your 15 points.  You can do it for free.  It will take less than 15 minutes and you immediately earn the Fast Bonus, Eagle Bonus, and Group Bonuses.  Many Ways to Immediately and Always Earn Points.
2.    Personal Use–
As a member of the All Solutions Network, you are your own business and you should think of the All Solutions product lines as YOURproduct lines.  So, Remember… when you buy products and services– you always shop your own store FIRST.
If you owned a Ford Dealership, you wouldn’t be shopping for a Chevy.   If you owned a bakery, you wouldn’t be shopping at Krispy Kream.   
It’s precisely the same thing with the Network.  Especially, when it comes to products you’re ALREADY buying.  And think about it… there is virtually, nothing that you buy, that you can’t get from YOUR STORE!  And you can probably get it cheaper!  Ever made a purchase from  That’s now part of your store.  Amazon?  Wal-Mart?  AsseenonTV? Your store even sells Groceries!  And when you purchase from any of your corporate affiliates, you are buying from yourself accumulating points and increasing your share of the Infinity Fund.
As we’ve discussed, an integral part of the success of your business is to become your own best customer.  But many members fail in that basic regard because of an inaccurate assumption that they can get a better price elsewhere.  When we examine the entire system, we see that simply is not true! 
In almost every case, buying from your own site gives you a much better deal!  Here is why…
You buy from Walmart, starting from your site, you get points that earn money.
But, if you buy from your personal Gift site, you earn much, much, more…
Think about it…
Your ASN store i.e. thousands of great items for every occasion and earns points at the rate of 8 per $25 retail and commisions of 20% for any purchase or sale of $50 or more retail.
If you shop and walmart for a gift for an upcoming birthday and spend $150.  You earn about 5 points for the Fast Start Bonus.  But if instead you had shopped from your personal gift site, and spent the same mount, this would be the result.
You would have earned a $30 dollar commission (20%),  Plus,
earned about 50 points so you would earn the following infinity bonuses:
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Eagle Bonus
  • Group Bonus Overrides and
  • Bronze Bonus
  • Silver Bonus
Moral of the story?  It Always Pays to Shop from your site.
First we are going to talk about some of the items that you can and should promote to build your business and generate commissions, points and downline.  Then we will discuss some of the many free and low cost methods to actually get people to your site.
1. The first step to building a successful internet business is to get traffic to your site.  The best way to do that is to:
  • place advertisements or messages that get maximum exposure.
  • the nature of the ad provides an enticement that will motivate the public to visit you.  Once they are there, the site does the rest. 
A successful business man was once asked what is the key to success?
He answered without a moments hesitation.  “Find what they want… and GIVE it to them
The public loves FREE stuff.  It also loves products and services that specifically solve issues that they are dealing with.  Your site provides all of this and more.  The questions becomes what kind of marketing campaign do you want to concentrate on.
We provide not only many services for many issues but a huge amount of free information on a variety of services and issues.
The items and information that you GIVE AWAY ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE can be very profitable.
Why? The items that you advertise for free, bring people to your site, a lot of people! and each of the subject pages that you promoting is peppered with links and banners for products and services that are related and keyed to the Free Item that you advertised.  Also, the fact of giving away the huge amount of helpful information that we do, creates a trust that other companies can’t compete with.  If a person gets to a point that they have to order a service.  Who are they going to use.  The company or person that does nothing but ask for their money?  Or the company that provides free information and assistance whether they get paid or not.  The answer is obvious.  They come to you!
We have much free information and services that allos you to earn for free, but following is one of the most effective.
  • GIVE AWAY STUFF!– One of our programs has you earning Big points and commissions 24-7 for FREE… How? by just Giving away stuff!  see how this works.
    • Advertise and Place the following link and/or banner EVERYWHERE!
     Use this link-  Get Free gas, groceries, medical discounts, vacations, coupons, MP4, etc… Click Here to see how!
    and place this banner.

Make money advertising these free services.
Let’s assume that you use our free advertising sites to place an ad for a Free Credit Repair Kit.
If a person is going to fix their credit, there is not options.. they MUST have a copy of their credit report.  We givethem the  kit only if they get the report they need, from your site.   Every FREE report that a visitor gets from your site earns you 8 points.
If they already have a report and prefer to order the kit…  Every kit ordered earns you $10 and 8 points.
If, instead, they decide to order the credit repair services and have our professionals do it for them, every service ordered earns you $30 plus 15 points, qualifying you for the Fast Start, Eagle and Group Bonus Overrides. 
These commissions and points all came about simply because you were giving away something that is desperately needed in today’s economy.
We provide a number of Free services, each of which gives much needed valuable information and assistance.  And by giving it away, you now have your foot in the door, have built trust, brought them your site (which gives you a great chance of their taking advantage of some product or service, that earns you commissions and points.
Other Free Items and services that earn you money.
Free Bankruptcy Forms and Manual–  Provides a free bankruptcy manual and all free forms necessary for filing BK.  The reality is that most people need help.  When they get to your site, see our low fees, (that fact that we take installment payments), the huge amount of information that we provide for free, there is a great chance that they will ultimately order the bankruptcy  service from us– meaning you.  On each service ordered you earn $30 and 15 points.
NEW!! Free Online Creative Financing course This absolutely free course contains the same and more information in courses costing $150 to $500 or more.  The techniques work for anyone regardless of credit.  Each page of the course is has links to credit and related services that people needing creative financing often need.  Services ranging from Bankruptcy to Credit repair, to foreclosure lists to, mortgage negotiation, etc… they all make you money.  Again, give this away– you are providing a great service and making money for doing so.
This is probably the most profitable of the Free Products and Services Method.
Free Health Discounts up to 70%, Restaurant Vouchers and Vacations.  Offers huge health discounts, Restaurant and Amazing Vacation and Cruise Certificates to any one of about 100 luxury locations. Just advertise that link or page and watch what happens!
What do they have to do for it?  Just take advantage of ANY Free Quote, FREE trial service or Make ANY purchase NO MATTER HOW SMALL! from ANY of the hundreds of ASN associated companies. They register the activity for their products, service, quote, trial, etc… and you earn points that earn you money. 
What do you do to make it work?
It’s as simple as placing some small ads in the many free advertising sites that we provide you.  See later in this page for advertising methods and sites.  A simple ad similar to this will suffice.
Sample Ad
Your choice of any of our Luxury Vacation Certificates (Limit 1 Per Family), including Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, 7 Day Cruises, etc…
PLUS, Free Medical Discount Cards, plus,   $100’s in Restaurant Vouchers, plus…
 Click Here for full details  No Purchase Necessary!”
You have a huge variety of products and services that you can market, and you can market anyone one of them in any of a number of methods ranging from message boards, site submission, to free advertising sites and traffic exchanges.
Below we provide the most trafficked advertising sites, search engines and traffic exchanges on the net.
More Important Pages
Keep Smoking but…
Stop Dying.
If you or someone you know smokes and needs to quit–
One of the most profitable pages of your site is…
For sample ads, amounts you earn per sale and URLs to advertise the above services please see..


Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN, all have message boards that deal with a huge assortment of subjects ranging from credit problems, employment needs, business opportunities, real estate, etc…
Visit message boards and post relevant messages as to where they can find answers to their questions, re- bankruptcy, real estate, etc… direct them to YOUR personal page that deals with that subject, for example, if in a credit message board, you may want to direct them to YOUR credit repair information page.  (just go to your site, go to the appropriate page, copy the url from your browser and paste it into your message.
Or you can just copy and paste the following links for the respective services.
Although, this is effective for any service that you offer, the one that you will find is the most profitable is loans.  A huge number of people do not buy homes ONLY because they think that they don’t qualify.  They’ve been told they need 5% or 10% down, or that because they have collections or a bankruptcy it’s impossible.  Countless renters, who had been told by other “real estate professionals” that they couldn’t buy, are now proud homeowners because of the All Solutions Network.  We really can help, and you really can profit with us.
This can be done for any of the many services that you offer.  The trick is simply to refer people to your site.  Your site does the rest.
Give them away, send as many people as you can to this page, and of course your regular site.  Why?
First, anytime one of these vouchers is redeemed, you earn 2 points.  That’s not a lot, but because you can give them away– by the thousands, through the internet, ads, or even by submitting YOUR page to the search engines, it can add up to be a substantial amount of money.
Second each of your Vacation Certs has the URL of your most popular ASN services.  In this market, there is a HUGE demand for Credit Repair, information and services, and for many people, unfortunately, the best thing they can do to save there home, is to file bankruptcy.
So for every vacation that you give away, you are effectively hading out a money making flyer THAT THEY WILL KEEP!
ASN Charity Assistance
Through our Charity Assistance Program, YOU can serve fund-raisers importantly… and capture your own share of this huge, lucrative market.  And you can do it almost entirely by email and internet!
The Charity receives 20% of all sales, and because they become your first level, you receive 10% of all CBV generated from the potentially hundreds of monthly purchases.
In today’s economy, millions of people need to improve their credit.  Credit Repair Works! And the manuals that we provide are cutting edge.  They include absolutely the most effective techniques available.  Many have used these techniques to improve their score by over 200 points.  We usually sell this for $49.95.  If your customers take advantage of this offer they get it for free– AND YOU EARN 5 POINTS FOR EACH ONE YOU GIVE AWAY!
So how does it work?  To fix one’s credit, it is absolutely necessary to have a copy of their credit report.  If they get their credit report from us… FOR FREE– they get, not only a Free Vacation Cert,  but a voucher for $300 in gas and $300 in Groceries.
So, when they order their FREE CREDIT MANUALS, you make money 2 ways… 
#1, you earn 4 points that earns you the various Infinity Bonuses.
#2, If they don’t want to get the free report and instead just purchase the Ki, you earn $10 and 10 points.
#2  the FREE VACATION CERTIFICATE has the links to YOUR ASN services. 
Many people will decide that they need Credit Restoration Services.  So even though, all you did was give away a manual, you get paid $30 if they then purchase the services.
Others will decide that their situation is more in need of a Bankruptcy.  Again, you earn money, and they get low cost professional services.
The more Manuals you give away, the more money you make and the more of you ASN services you sell!
NEW— Advertise ANY service or page in your site and you Guarantee Profit!
Ultimately, most people who visit your site will either buy (making you money) or join, (also, making you money!)
On each and every one of your pages, whether loans, department stores, pet supplies, amazon, etc… you are assured of making money.
We’ve now created a Free Vacation, or Free Gas Card worth $300, Groceries $300 and vacation cert, as an added incentive for anyone who goes to ANY page of your site to do business there over anywhere else.  How does it work?  Simple, on any purchase, completed application, or even request for a free Quote for Insurance, Autos, Credit Cards, etc…. if they register the confirmation email, they the promotional items, and you get credit for the Commission or Points.
The incentive guarantees sales, and the ID guarantees that YOU Get Paid!
Go to your website and take a look at how it works!
An online book that contains the same information and more that is routinely sold for upwards of $200 to $500 and more.  We give it away!  Why would we do that?  Because people that are in the creative financing market often have other financial information needs.  Each page of the course contains banners of other financial services and products that they may need and ALL OF THEM EARNS YOU MONEY.  Each of theses banners directs them directly to YOUR services page.  If they need Credit repair, you make the sale.
If they need Bankruptcy, you make the sale. and the same is true of everything else contained within this online course.
Because of the nature of the visitor and the abundance and variety of the services provided, there will be a substantial percentage of your visitors that will make a purchase that makes you money!
We even offer from this course Free Gas and Food for even the smallest purchase or even taking advantage of a free quote from your site.  (see Free Gas and Food) Promote this course and it will make you money.
We’ve incorporated our promotional vacations, food and gas into one page that offers most of our biggest money making products and services.  Place banners and advertisements similar to ” Yours FREE!  $300 Gas plus $300 Groceries and Free Vacation Certificate… click here to see how!”  
They click on it and there are taken to a page that explains that as our appreciation for their patronage in return for taking advantage of ANY product or service… even if it’s free they receive these valuable gifts.  They register for their their gift, you earn points and commissions.
As with any business, you need cards.  You can get them for free and pay only the cost of shipping.  GIVE THEM TO EVERYONE!  You can get them for free and they actually earn points and money for getting them.
Your card  should highlight the links to products and services that have the most appeal and will entice the person it is handed to, to take a look at your site.  The site will usually do the rest. It should, at least contain your email address so that if they have questions or want reassurance that this is for real they can contact you.
A Sample Business Card Is Shown Below
Note: the actual links to your specific product pages are pretty cumbersome. 
Turn the above URL into something like this (which will fit on the cards)
There is a company ( that can condense these for you into the shortened on that you see above.
All you do is go to    
2.paste the long bulky url like that above, into the form
3 hit the button that says “Make Tiny Url.
4. It will give you a small URL like that above that links directly to the page of your site that used.
And remember, you can make an individual tinyurl for each page of your site that you want to promote.
See below for companies that will shorten your URL.
 Save up to 60% Off on Full Color Printing

The Solutions Network
Comprehensive Solutions For The Issues of Today
Make and Save on EVERYTHING!
Keep Smoking… Stop dying!              
FREE $300 Gas, $300 Food, Vacation.
FREE & Low Cost Financial Services…
Loans, Credit Repair, Foreclosure Relief,
Taxes, Bankruptcy, and more!          
Independent Distributor
to get a smaller sized address.  i.e. tiny url will turn this…
a smaller one similar to the following.
Why do we suggest that you get a tinyurl?
Because search engines and advertising sites are not as smart as you might think.  When an effective but free site such as sees hundreds of ads pointing to a specific domain, i.e. ASN, often, thinks it is being spammed and will sometimes automatically kick out any ads from that Domain.  Getting something like a tinyurl avoids this problem.
Below are a few companies that can do this for you… All Are free.  Can view stats online
Getting a tiny url is simple!  Just click on the service you want to promote.  Then copy and paste the URL From your browser’s address bar.  Then click on the URL service you prefer, then follow their simple instruction.  (they will email you your stats!)
As above, the many portals, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc… have chat rooms that deal with many, different issues.  Enter a chat room and direct them to the page of your site that will help with whatever the issue at hand is.
Remember, anytime a purchase or sale is made from your storeyou, your sponsor and theirs earn commissions.  That might not seem that exciting to you right now,it will be very exciting later, when you have a down line of 100’s or even thousands of stores with you earning overrides on each and every purchase or sale they make!
Your Store has great potential for immediate profit, but remember, the beauty of this system, is that even with each store generating only minimal business, huge long term profits are possible.
Submitting your site to search engines is, in the long run, probably the most effective method of getting exposure for your site.  Following are a couple of inexpensive paid inclusion services that we recommend in the event you don’t feel that you have the time manually submit your sites.  Below the paid services are links that allow you to include them (most engines and directories are free), manually and usually for free.
You can either submit the “tinyurl” detailed blow or the full URL of the page you are submitting.
Also, some search engines will ask for “key words”.  These are words that relate to the page that you are submitting. i.e. if you are submitting your “loan” page you would put things like, no down home loans, loans with bad credit, best home loans, etc…
It is very important for you to submit individually to the sites below. I realize that some of the sites charge for inclusion, but the majority do not, so work through the list and get the job done. Most important is the submission to Google,, Yahoo! and MSN.COM. Many of these other smaller sites will be tomorrow’s leaders, so don’t neglect all the other engines listed on the page.  It’s well worth all the effort! Here is a bit of advice on adding urls; Don’t continually add the same url over and over to the same search engine. Do not submit different versions of the same url, and always use free ads on classified sites to advertise your url. Use creative and unique content in the ads, and never spam! I recommend that you go through this entire list and add urls.
0 points

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Each of these sites earns points at the rate of…

1 point per each $10 advertising dollars spent.

1 point per each $10 advertising dollars spent.
Free Classifieds
Awesome Site
Free ClassifiedsFree ClassifiedsFree ClassifiedsFree ClassifiedsFree Classifieds

Remember, consider getting a tinyurl to shorten your page addresses. 
into something like this– which is much easier to deal with.
2.paste the long bulky URL like that above, into the form
3 hit the button that says “Make Tiny Url.
4. It will give you a small URL like that above that links directly to the page of your site that used.
And remember, you can make an individual tinyurl for each page of your site that you want to promote!
 Free Internet Search Engines and Directories. The Search Engines and Directories listed below are all ranked according to popularity. Rankings are determined by and and are updated regularly.
  Search Engine/
1. Google
2. Yahoo! Search
3. Bing
4. Open Directory
5. SearchMe
6. ScrubTheWeb
7. Cuil
8. ExactSeek
9. SearchSight
10. EntireWeb
11. LII
12. Web World
13. A1 Web Directory
14. IllumiRate
15. Info Listings
16. VieSearch
17. Dramba
18. MavicaNet
19. Directory Storm
20. Arakne Links
21. Wikidweb
22. Domaining
23. Link Centre
24. My Directory Live
25. BusinessSeek
  Search Engine/
26. What U Seek
27. Pedsters Planet
28. Info Tiger
29. Ablaze Directory
30. SurfSafely
31. Search Web World
32. World Site Index
33. CyberWebSearch
35. OneMillionDirectory
36. IWD
37. The Living Link
38. Finest 4
39. IS
40. Web Linker
41. 01WebDirectory
42. Wondex
43. LinkSite
44. TowerSearch
45. Web Directory
46. SonicRun
47. Cipinet
48. NetInsert
49. Clock Tower Studio
50. NewWebDirectory

Unless Otherwise noted
Traffic Exchanges DO NOT EARN POINTS
Historically, I have not been a fan of these.  Until 11-06-08, when while looking at member activity I saw that a brand new member had 11 people join under him that same morning.  I used our tracking software to determine where the activity came from.  Every new member had come from the below traffic exchanges.  What it amounts to is that, if you look at their ads, they’ll look at yours.  But because your opportunity is a true opportunity to make great money with no risk or investment– EVER… they will join yours!
Free Advertising– 1 point for upgraded paid account.
Only those highlighted in yellow earn points for upgrades.
when you join, EVEN FOR FREE they provide some great marketing tools.
These are the top 50 trafficked exchanges as of 8-17-09


Name  Rank  Hits  Unique  Ratio  Reach  Alexa  Height  Top     AF    
StartXchange N/A 684913 422876 61.7% 17.2% 8055 458 3 3
EasyHits4u 1 284604 245822 86.4% 25.6% 5212 472 1 1
Traffic-Splash 2 552212 333279 60.4% 22.4% 9095 480 2 2
Tezak Traffic Power 3 329903 169425 51.4% 10.1% 16864 435 5 4
Fast Easy Traffic 4 175375 89746 51.2% 8.1% 45128 415 14 11
Traffic Taxis 5 182260 104401 57.3% 4.0% 28698 481 5 14
Traffic Era 6 492942 289630 58.8% 13.2% 17865 501 999 10
Hit 2 Hit 7 158542 123887 78.1% 11.2% 28672 479 999 6
Soaring4Traffic 8 84708 65385 77.2% 5.0% 30717 483 7 16
HitsBoosterPro 9 148070 123421 83.4% 9.8% 27337 486 999 5
Royal Surf 10 92304 68438 74.1% 3.6% 37384 493 12 17
I Love Hits 11 158733 94113 59.3% 6.3% 39179 483 999 7
Hit Safari 12 153642 100041 65.1% 7.8% 30301 464 999 19
Lords of Traffic 13 140494 70467 50.2% 3.4% 15075 523 11 24
Dragon Surf 14 52930 41660 78.7% 4.3% 36442 502 6 9
Traffic Gold Rush 15 184830 59392 32.1% 3.5% 58532 487 17 23
Click Voyager 16 100874 73017 72.4% 6.0% 28920 488 999 20
Traffic Wonderland 17 152399 66470 43.6% 3.4% 40691 473 8 33
Traffic Witch 18 71486 53025 74.2% 4.9% 30760 499 62 8
MajorLeagueHits 19 71495 37876 53.0% 3.2% 37370 479 13 18
Blue-Surf 20 56408 36338 64.4% 3.3% 39456 519 15 21
Easy Surf Exchange 21 37463 31270 83.5% 3.6% 46599 506 10 28
TS25 22 80798 50387 62.4% 5.4% 26605 475 999 27
Hit Kingdom 23 55802 40163 72.0% 6.1% 495886 0 20 56
FreeTrafficWorld 24 90692 46828 51.6% 3.3% 54468 499 999 29
BootScootinTraffic 25 48244 35387 73.4% 2.2% 52349 504 16 32
MaxTrafficPro 26 55176 27574 50.0% 2.4% 56616 509 17 25
Advertising Knowhow 27 54536 40944 75.1% 3.0% 31714 503 999 15
SWAT Traffic 28 69517 30389 43.7% 2.3% 68352 465 18 31
TrafficG 29 37241 32355 86.9% 4.8% 16073 515 999 37
Hit Bandit 30 66270 17388 26.2% 3.2% 81076 0 13 58
TopTierTraffic 31 75299 59601 79.2% 4.5% 21514 474 999 999
RealHitz4u 32 28296 20684 73.1% 2.8% 75662 482 34 30
Web Biz Insider 33 72724 53510 73.6% 4.2% 14227 479 999 999
Farm Traffic 34 47334 27531 58.2% 2.4% 42725 502 999 29
Volcano Hits 35 26543 20610 77.6% 1.1% 80390 472 19 43
Traffic Roundup 36 19996 11169 55.9% 1.8% 47409 0 23 40
Traffic At The Races 37 177399 6357 3.6% 0.9% 135889 424 31 36
Hover-Traffic 38 25028 11892 47.5% 1.3% 119530 444 22 48
List Surfing 39 19509 12481 64.0% 1.2% 31605 0 999 39
WebCentre Surf 40 12949 11178 86.3% 1.2% 39562 515 999 34
Magnify Traffic 41 25043 14628 58.4% 0.9% 105241 536 999 38
247TrafficPro 42 35039 7486 21.4% 0.9% 81416 503 24 46
Traffic Muscles 43 12037 8088 67.2% 1.0% 99899 466 26 42
Grade A Traffic 44 7786 7131 91.6% 1.3% 55883 442 999 26
Rainbow Traffic 45 55495 14697 26.5% 2.4% 175466 0 999 999
Xtreme Hit 46 126835 5530 4.4% 0.7% 152949 0 999 50
SkyScraper Surf 47 56062 25262 45.1% 1.2% 96875 442 999 999
Mythology Surf 48 13945 9124 65.4% 1.1% 131344 432 999 55
Click Ranch 49 24004 9949 41.4% 1.0% 89720 522 999 51
Jetstreamtraffic 50 22880 12123 53.0% 1.0% 113795 443 27 999
There are many sources of free classifieds.  Obviously, the paid advertisements that provide highlights and various methods of enhancing your ad get more exposure.  However, in most instances, free ads will be sufficient. 
Following are few sources of FREE Classifieds… our own advertising site One of the most effective sites available.
Each of these sites earns points at the rate of…

1 point per each $10 advertising dollars spent.

1 point per each $10 advertising dollars spent.
Free Classifieds
Awesome Site
Free ClassifiedsFree ClassifiedsFree ClassifiedsFree ClassifiedsFree Classifieds

Do you have a, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking account?  If not, get one, they are free, they are a great networking application and can be a lot of fun.  If you do not have one– get one (just go to   or ), or if you already have one– post a “bulletin”.  It is a letter that will automatically go to everyone on your friends list.  Just make it simple add a link to your site or better yet, to the various pages within your site i.e. bankuptcy, credit repair, home loans, etc… and ask them to just check it out. 
Remember, because ASN does so much there are a million ways that it can be presented and advertised.  To the right is just one.  We’ve also, given a couple of other possible landing pages that you may want to use  (these can be found at your fast start guide.)  I would strongly consider the second (signupA).  It combines the excitement of the opportunity, with curiosity as to what it is, in addition to the assurance that it is always FREE and a very SIMPLE Signup form.
Make money from everything!
Can you give away Gas and Vacations?  Then you make money.
The more you give, the more you make!  It never costs you a dime!
Can you give away free trials and quotes?  Then you make even more money…
UP TO $500 or more in the first hour!
This business is so simple that you even make money for shopping!  Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy and hundreds more of the companies you already know and trust!
To get started right now, and earn your first $100 to $500 in the next hour, just click below.
To get your own, GUARANTEED, profitable, No Investment business Just Click HERE!
One member, who  did this (took advantage of their social site), ended up with a down line of over 3,000 within 4 months!  This is a great way to share this opportunity.
Use Twitter to Expand Your Business
When you join, with a click of a button, you can send a quick message to all contacts in your email contacts.  When they join twitter, they will be “following” you and seeing all updates and messages you pots.  Send a quick message “tweet” asking them to join your ASN site and also,  This way they will automatically receive all the money making info and updates that we send that will help make money for them AND you.
We are often asked “Can I put one of the companies that I work with on my ASN site?
The answer is no, but… what you can do is get an inexpensive website from one of your company services.  It will cost you little and earn points.
For your new site, you can copy and paste Your entire Main ASN page, into it.  Yes, that works and all links will be fully functional.  Then with that being YOUR site, you can then add any and all affiliate links or companies you’d like and make any other programs you work with as prominently as you like.
You choose how many points!  From 1 to 24 per Month
IT’S HERE!   ASN Hosting Services
We will soon be providing hosting services for our members.  This will accomplish an number of things.
  • Allow for the flexibility noted above.
  • Provides a repeated monthly service at minimal costs and earns as many points as you choose as long as your service is active!  So each and every month that you have your ASN hosting service Active, you earn the Fast Start Bonuses, and qualify for the Mentor Bonus that leads to your earning all ASN Bonuses.
  • So the use of this services Guarantees you always earn Bonuses plus…
  • Guarantees the Qualification of the Mentor Bonus, (See Performance Bonuses), making it easy for NON US members to earn point and easily earn all Bonus Levels
Available NOW!
Due to the huge number of free services, information and products that we provide, you can write almost any ad—and it would be appropriate for your website, i.e….  When they visit your site, they not only have access to the product, information or service that you advertised, but this opportunity as well.
For a Fast synopsis of Products, Services, Commissions and Sample Ads please see Your Personal Marketing Site.
Free creative financing course.  Learn to buy real estate with no money, no job, no credit, even bad credit!  Click here . 
Credit Repair and Improvement.– This is an very important and valuable service.  Our services constantly improve people’s scores from 20 to 100 points with 45 days.  More than enough for them to purchase that home or care with nothing down.  Additionally, the free information given to them can show how dramatically increase their scores on their own.
Free forms and complete pros and cons of bankruptcy.
No down home loans, even with bad credit or bankruptcy.
Proven free tips on lowering your tax burden
There are hundreds of blogs and emagazines that allow the submission of articles.  It gives them content, and provides links back to your websites– whether to you ASN site or any personal site.  This increases the amount of attention that your sites will be given by the various search engines.
Feel free to use, derivatives, or even verbatim the many various articles regarding Home purchases, loans, bankruptcy, credit repair, and anything else within our sites as articles.  You can then submit them to the many ezines and blogs.
The following site provides an wonderful program that automates the submission of articles to over 600 ezines and blogs!
Submit your Articles with Article Submitter!
So, now we’ve seen how a very small amount of business from each store can generate great profits.  In the next session we’ll talk about the minimal but consistent effort that assures your success.
If you work this system and take advantage of the many programs that we provide, You Will Make Money!  Just try it and see what happens.
You literally have nothing to lose, a world of opportunity to gain.
RIGHT NOW, This Very Moment…   If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes to follow the “Fast Start Guide“.
Place a couple of  FREE ADS
Doing the above won’t require more than 1 hour. 
Then, take a couple of days off.  You deserve it, you’ve been working hard!  🙂
Next, log into your admin panel to see what your efforts have accomplished.
just login with your ID#  i.e. BC1002 and the password that you chose.
Remember– ID# and Passwords are Case Sensitive.  BC1002, works.  bc1002, doesn’t.
Also, due to added security protocols that have been added you might get an “not found or authorized” message when you try to into the member’s area.If this happens, simply REFRESH your browser, 99 times out of a hundred you can login thereafter.
I can’t express strongly enough the importance of doing this.  Please, utilize ALL fast start steps.  Doing so, gets the snowball rolling.  It begins building a down line that generates Business Volume from which you can get overrides on each and every purchase or sale made from each and very one of your down line websites.
Remember, You can get everything in life you want….  If you just help enough other people get what they want
and that’s exactly what we at The All Solutions Network do.

StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter

NOTE: The amount of money actually contained in any particular fund at the end of any month is shared by each member that actually qualifies for that fund.  Therefore, the amount paid to each member from a particular fund, varies greatly from month to month.   For Example: If at the end of November, there was $1,000 in a particular level’s fund and only one person qualified for that fund, that member earns the entire $1,000.  If at the end of December, there was $5,000 in a particular fund and 20 members had qualified, they would each receive $250, etc… 
The following is not to be considered indicative of what will happen in the future, but rather what has happened in the past. 
The Infinity pools payments can vary dramatically. 
Remember one of the many unique aspect of the ASN System is that you can control how many bonuses you earn… and it never has to cost you a dime.
We always suggest that new members get, at least, to the Bronze Level  (24 points and requires about 30 minutes), to assure the fastest most profitable start.


Today’s Solutions for Today’s Issues
Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Copyright © 2004-2011 Bruce Castro The All Solutions Network


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